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Despicable Me – 3.5 rockets

What a great title…as someone once said, never explain…never apologize…its just plain simple…Despicable Me. Period. While I was already hooked by the title (I’m a bad girl after all…) I also remember what my abuela always told me, ‘not all that shines is oro’.  So I was gingerly cautious walking into the screening of a movie that included some of my favorite people ever (this is saying a lot) – Steve Carell, the yummy Russell Brand (mira, Katy Perry, do you realize how lucky you are girl?!?!?) and the beloved Julie Andrews (this last one going against type).   I did expect a rollercoaster…and indeed it was one…but a happy rollercoaster ride!  It was not a bumpy ride…and my butt is just fine, thank you very mucho… 

First of all, this was all the idea of a Spaniard…a little shout to mi gente never hurts.  A Spanish animator dude by the sexy, greek sounding name of Sergio Pablos, came up with the original idea of creating the world’s greatest super villain who also has a little tic-toc heart in his chest…  Leave it to a descendant of the country who came up with the heart-warming crusades to come up with this concept?  Catholic guilt??? 


So our original story brings us crazy Gru (Steve Carell) , religion unknown…who is a funny sounding, funny looking, funny acting dude who is also supposed to be one of the world’s greatest super villains but for some strange reason is feeling a bit insecure… Could it be that his nerdy nemesis, Vector in the orange jumpsuit, a cocky and geeky kid has scored way too many hits…so now Gru must go all the way…the mero mero of heists: LA LUNA!!!

Gru is known for taking delight in all things wicked…and that right there is a guy after my heart.  He lives in a great, fabulously gothic looking house/bachelor pad that is a tribute to modern technology. In fact, it seems inspired by my very own residence…and the roommates….they are to die for!  There is the fascinating resident mad scientist, the 150-year old Doctor Nefario (the always nefarious looking Russell Brand) and the adorable and incredibly mischievious minion army, who are so very cute they have already found a life on Madison Avenue. 


So while Dr. Nefario and Gru’s minions are hard at work planning this moon heist, little do they know that this job is peanuts compared to parenthood…and we also don’t need to be Freud to know that this dude has been tramautized by his neglectful mother (Julie Andrews), who clearly never validated his growing need for love and affection… So Gru, who seems to be single and possibly asexual (u see, at least we know The Incredibles did have sex…) has never once thought about having a family…until he sees it as a means to an end (and isn’t this what parenthood is supposed to be anyway???) …and a key component of the success of his struggle against Vector…his much younger rival for the job of World’s Best Villain.

Carell, while using an accent that can be placed somewhere in the Eurasian land mass and sounds like Bela Lugosi’ distant cousin, is extremely entertaining as the would- be all time AstroMammo.  The rest of the crew