I was having lunch with an industry friend of mine today, got talking shop, and the ‘lil cabana boy discussion’ crept up.   Summarized, this convo basically rests on the following idea…  how can I take the guy who’s pushing pool chairs seriously?  Now, I’ve always been an equal op kinda gal, never choose to fraternize with only rich or poor, just the witty and clever (traits that exist beyond money).  But her parting words to our ‘cabana boy’ chat stuck in my head after lunch, “hun, I can’t get wet for under 2 mil”.

Sounds harsh I know.  But not everyone is looking for romance.  I know many that don’t build castles in the air over that ‘ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love’ that carrie and big found; Some over zealous souls even describe such love as an idealized social propaganda which will only leave all of us feeling like no one will ever satisfy us, ask Chuck Klosterman!  As a result, my adolescent hopeless romantic brain was challenged to wonder this thought (even in its obnoxious unpolished tone)…  Should I get wet for under a mil? 

Assuming your personal experience with relationships guides the majority of your ideas of love… In order to answer this question, us women have to ask ourselves ‘have the men in my past been ‘winners’?’  Easy answer… they are in the past, probably meaning you didn’t hit the jackpot.  Of course there are always the guys that left you, which usually leaves you not really wanting them back for RECIPROCAL happiness, but more so wanting them back to change the ending so YOU feel happy!  P.S. waste of time…  if your getting power from taking back the power, you have much needed therapy to hit up cause power is a hollow thing to strive for in life.   In the sea of fishies thus far, (the ones we left, the ones that left us) it’s safe to say we haven’t found Mr. Right.

Now I wonder, who’s Mr. Right?   I know I could bust out my long list of dream-catchers, but like Chuck said most of those are based on my boy wonder ‘Lyod Dobler’ (from ‘Say Anything’), and has anyone REALLY ever met a man that FINISHED?  Had a love where both could Say Anything? nahhhh.  So letting my balloon fly into the sky, I move to my next man-exam…  maybe Mr. Right loves me more than I love him.  What’s wrong with that?  He’s good, good enough.  He’ll be loyal. Play fetch with the dog. Take the kids for ice cream. Buy me tampons when I’m in bed with cramps.  He’ll do.  NO HE WON’T, I’m already bored!  Since the love symbolisms (‘you love> me’, ‘you love < me’, ‘we love’ =) prove to be a headache, to say the least…..maybe money could simply factor into the love equation.

Dating dudes w/money vs. dating the cabana boy.  My slogan thus far, ‘I’d be happy living in the gutter as long as I loved the man I was with.’  Hmmm, may have to rethink that.  Love doesn’t seem as brilliant as when I was a child, and I sure do love my plush bed.  Sometimes I think I love that bed more than romance itself, but I’m also a very jaded 25 year old with a line up of ex’s who’s combined egos could take on the likes of Kanye West or 20 Pack from I Love New York!  Age-old notion of love without money, you start to not like the life you have with the guy you love, without money.  So you date a rich man.  Usually this sucks because men with money usually love power (reference line re ‘power seekers’ above), and what women really wants to bow to the likes of power for the rest of their life (

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