Chris Brown and Justin Bieber get “Next To You,” in their doomsday inspired video. The world could end, but Chris Brown and Justin Bieber will be standing right “Next To You.” The two pop stars collaborated on the perfect track to sing to all the ladies. Initially, only pictures from the set leaked to the public, […]

Contrary to popular belief I was NEVER ‘cool’.  I always wanted to be though … to a fault.  I’m an Aquarius woman so friendship is important to me; more important than almost any other aspect of life … so go figure, I wanted everyone’s acceptance.  The problem with acceptance is you get caught up in […]

Dear Global Grind,   I am so sad an opinion has become so misconstrued. If you would like to know my opinion in it’s entirety, here you go:   “Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there – they just use their brain power for evil purposes. I don’t condone any […]


Hey Everybody!!! Young Money’s Shanell aka SnL and I remade the Eddie Murphy/Rick James classic, ‘Party all the Time’!  I’ve been wanting to work with Shanell for a while now, not only is she my ex band mate D Woods sis, but she is also my favorite upcoming female artist!   She’s wrote hits for […]

Do I have a new butt?  No.  Do I have a new respect for keeping a thick booty looking right?  Yes.  I’ve been many sizes throughout my transition from girl to woman……and I must say I have a new respect for women with curves, it can be a much harder social judgment, self appreciation, and […]

I was having lunch with an industry friend of mine today, got talking shop, and the ‘lil cabana boy discussion’ crept up.   Summarized, this convo basically rests on the following idea…  how can I take the guy who’s pushing pool chairs seriously?  Now, I’ve always been an equal op kinda gal, never choose to fraternize […]

First I had to figure out how to fight(making the band)… Then I had to figure out what I was truley fighting for (after being fired from DK)… And only now have I figured out how to win! (Learning the true value of forgiveness)  XOXO ~ Aubs  


What did the king of all things say he wanted when he started his career?  Simple.  ‘Cocaine and pussy’.  Now you can’t imagine that goal leading to much more than a two hit wonder rapper that made his highest radio play off of his smash ‘Booty juice’ (shout out to Fear of a Black Hat) […]

  You know I’ve kept my MySpace intact (even through all the ‘why aren’t you on Facebook? It’s SO much better’ antics from my friends) because it makes for great web pr. But tonight marks the end of just public pr folks; tonight brings my heart to the table.  All this from an episode of […]