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Contrary to popular belief I was NEVER ‘cool’.  I always wanted to be though … to a fault.  I’m an Aquarius woman so friendship is important to me; more important than almost any other aspect of life … so go figure, I wanted everyone’s acceptance.  The problem with acceptance is you get caught up in being what’s acceptable, instead of what is true.  I don’t know how many times in life I’ve fallen into the pitfall of another person’s idea of acceptable.  P.S.  usually really ‘cool’ people you’ll meet growing up are hurting … ‘hurt people, hurt people’ (as Russell has said before).  So it’s a vicious cycle of acceptance and pain.  Looking back on that behavior, why the fuck did I ever want to be accepted? 

It’s amazing how many times in my life I have made a harsh judgment about someone, then learned about their life’s struggle, and felt incredibly embarrassed that I misjudged (well, fortunately, I could probably say this is true 99% of the time).  Someone’s life experience will usually always be a strong indicator of their behavior.  This is an obvious idea and I don’t use it to excuse bad behavior… but labeling people is what we’ve all become accustomed to doing.  It’s so frequently done, it could fall into the line up of eating breakfast, getting dressed, and going to bed.

The media uses the labeling tool in order to sensationalize every day behavior into newsworthy headlines.  Perez says, “Aubrey is difficult and a skank” … it MUST be true!’  In reality, it’s just a headline … as are most … and the dramatized assessment has now stopped you from receiving any more information (maybe because you don’t care, or maybe because you don’t want to like me regardless, or maybe just because it’s easier) … and That’s Entertainment Folks!  But we shouldn’t dismiss this so easily because I believe it’s starting to take a toll on our generation.  Instead of being today’s headline gone tomorrow, dramatized and judgmental headlines have become a general energy that we live off. 

This energy is unhealthy and unproductive, and I’ll be the first to admit, I am guilty of such behavior more often than I’d like.  It’s easy to be negative when you feel negative internally; too easy to judge and not take the time to understand where people are coming from.  But, if you stop to look for the positive in others, you’ll make yourself a more interesting person as you will understand a new aspect of life that wasn’t part of your specific journey.

I realize writing on this topic isn’t salacious and it won’t titillate, but in all honesty, for the standard few comments that will not be filled with hate (i.e. defeating the point of my entire thought), maybe we should all take a second in our day to reevaluate our thoughts.  Instead of triggering that ever so easy JUDGE  & LABEL button, lets trigger UNDERSTANDING. So shame on me, as I titled this blog… and in moving forward, I hope everyone who has participated in this behavior finds a different cheap thrill, takes the time to look beyond the headlines, and look for the positive instead of assuming the negative.





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