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Let’s fast forward to fall. Hot summer days turn into cool chilly nights, blossoming flowers are exchanged for multicolored leaves, and Halloween is creeping around the corner. But aside from being excited about all of the aforementioned, there’s Rihanna’s fall collection!

Rihanna for River Island is back with even more innovative pieces. If you thought you loved her lineup the first time, then you’ll fall in love all over again. With the help of co-designer Adam Selman, the duo is pushing boundaries and limits like never before. 

According to, Selman and Rihanna are constantly in contact with each other through every type of social outlet possible to make sure they exceed expectations. Selman tells Vogue: 

The first collection was a lot purer, about finding pieces that Rihanna felt were missing from her closet. There is a real concept to this one. I can’t give too much away, but we travel so much and experience so much of the world. We’re very lucky to do so and that definitely inspired us. The idea of sports uniforms and masculine vs feminine is something we evolved from last season too. There was a lot of pressure with our debut – this felt more relaxed.

He goes on to say..

She loves going out, that’s her thing. She really wanted to create dresses that girls want to party in around the Christmas season. The fit and silhouette is very important to her. She knows what she’s talking about.

Although September 12th seems ages away, it’ll be worth the wait, with over 80 pieces hitting shops this fall.  

For all you die-hard Rihanna fans, there will be a limited edition collection dropping shortly after with only 100 pieces, including leather jackets, snakeskin leather boots and skirts. 

Check out Rih falling in love with her new pieces..

Hold up, we’re not done yet!

Unlike some celebrities, Rih really rocks her $h*t!