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What’s going on with Jay Z?

Listen, we’re not complaining, but the Jay Z we’ve seen promoting his latest album, Magna Carta…Holy Grail, isn’t the one we saw promoting Watch the Throne, his collabo album with Kanye West.

If you really haven’t noticed what we’re talking about, scroll down to see how 2013 Jay Z is different from any other Jay Z we’ve seen in the past. 

The name change

Well, let’s get the super obvious out there. It’s not Jay-Z anymore. It’s Jay Z. Billboard’s editor Joe Levy confirmed the change last night. But apparently, Jay has been calling himself Jay Z for a while now. Complex reached out to Hov’s people and his person confirmed that it’s been Jay Z for 3 years.



Jay has started to embrace social media

Jay hasn’t always been the warmest celebrity out there. He doesn’t tweet, or Instagram, or Facebook. However, that changed a couple of weeks ago when Jay randomly started interacting with fans on Twitter. Jay was at it for hours. He was often sweet, funny and charming. And never mean. It was a cool thing to see. 

Jay Z getting personal

Jay Z’s latest album, Magna Carta…Holy Grail, has gotten mixed reviews. One of the things critics have said is that Jay doesn’t have anything to talk about anymore. Which is strange: because on this album, Jay is as personal as he’s ever been. Blue, as in Blue Ivy, was the first thing Jay uttered on the album. And throughout, Jay is constantly talking about his little girl. He even has a song where he worries about what kind of father he’ll be, called “Jay Z Blue.” 

Jay’s evolving fashion 

During the Watch the Throne tour, Jay could be seen keeping it simple: wearing all-black everything, with little jewels. That ain’t Jay now. Throughout the album’s buildup, Jay has been seen a little more buttoned up, wearing these almost nerdy-looking shirts. Also, the jewels are back on, with his latest, newest chain being this sweet medallion. 

He’s selling music differently 

Everyone has talked about revolutionary ways Jay sold his latest album: but it is something that should be preached over and over again. Before the album was released, Samsung bought a million copies and gave them back to Samsung-phone users. There were bumps in the road, but at the end of the day the move was a success; Jay just proves that in 2013, you can still find creative ways to sell your art.