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A badass hero fighting for justice against the bastards who piss him off, Wolverine is back in theaters in The Wolverine – out today.

And he’s ready to kick some more ass!

Played by Hugh Jackman, Logan has been animated and fought alongside his X-Men friends, but in this movie, it’s all about the Wolverine.

With his adamantium claws, his fighting skills, and immortality, it seems like no one can touch Wolverine (or at least kill him), but there have been some who’ve tried.

Here’s a look back at the ones who thought that they could defeat Wolverine (maybe the bad guys in the latest movie can learn a thing or two from the others’ mistakes).

This is a sneak peek of The Wolverine, wherein Logan is fighting someone who clearly doesn’t know how incredibly awesome the Wolverine is.

Wolverine and Sabertooth have been archenemies since they were both created! So clearly they want to kill one another when standing face to face.

What’s scarier than having a fight on the top of a moving train? Your fighting partner having steel claws as a weapon, while you just have a knife! 

While trying to rescue teenage mutants, Wolverine gets a little side tracked with having to whoop Deadpool’s butt! And then Sabertooth comes to help out.

Wolverine freaks out people with his mighty claws; especially when he shows how he uses them!

Lady Deathstrike whoops Wolverine’s ass with her own deadly nail claws in X-Men 2 (until he electrocutes her).

So this is like three battles in one! Wolverine v. Blob, Wolverine v. Sabertooth, & Wolverine v. Gambit.

A worthy opponent, Mystique, tries to battle Wolverine, but his keen sense of smell stops her in her tracks. 

Storm and Wolverine join together to have an epic battle with Jaggernut and Castiello.

It’s not a usual Wolverine fight, but the Dark Phoenix does battle with Logan, and he must also battle with love.