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Terio for President!

If you haven’t seen this hilarious newly 6-year-old’s Vines roaming around the ‘net, you’ve probably been under a rock.

Terio first caught the world’s attention when his cousin Maleek posted a funny Vine of him “at it again” on the basketball court. Terio’s time on the court quickly turned into a hilarious dance session, which quickly launched him to Vine superstardom.

Maleek’s Vine of his “lil cuzo” made Vine’s coveted “Top” list, and ever since then, we just can’t stop laughing at Terio.

Whether he’s going hard in the paint or dancing shirtless, Terio basically saved Vine!

So in honor of the hilarious kid, GlobalGrind rounded up Terio’s 10 most hilarious Vines down below. 

And remember…Terio for president…

1. Terio breaking it down…

2. Terio doing his molly dance.

3. Viola! Magic! Terio balances a spoon on his nose. 

4. Terio doing the worm and the cry baby dance. 

5. Lil cuzzo Terio…at it again. 

6. Terio doing what TerRio does best…dancing shirtless.  

7. Terio mad as hell because he can’t go outside. 

8. Terio turning up for his 6th birthday. 

9. Terio showing off his True Religions. 

10. Terio getting buckets.