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Stevie J is a piece of work and that’s putting it lightly!

The Love & Hip-Hop: ATL reality TV star and famed producer became an instant sensation while demeaning and cheating on the two ladies in his life, Mimi and Joseline, but supposedly he’s a one-woman man now.

The season finale aired Monday and viewers were left in shock after Stevie initially accepted Joseline’s marriage proposal, but then gave Mimi a ring so that she wouldn’t be “left out.”

We all assumed Joseline would dump his sorry behind, but not long after, Stevie announced:

 And when we did some digging, we realized Joseline’s been sporting this huge rock for a while now:

We honestly don’t know what to say, but if it’s true, good luck to the both of them!

In better Stevie J news, his daughter Eva is so funny. Watch her do her daddy’s face while she shows him how independent she is in the video below:

Stevie J’s Daughter Does The Rat Face While Eating Ramen Noodles:

Photo/Video Credit: Instagram