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And the sad news of the tragic death of two young boys strangled by a python continues….

New pictures have emerged showing Noah Barthe, 4, and Connor Barthe, 6, cleaning out the cage believed to belong to the snake that strangled them to death a few days ago.

Just a few hours prior to their unexpected death, the two visited a farm and were playing with many animals, such as dogs, cats and goats. The owner of Little Ray’s Zoo in Ottawa, New York suggests that the snake probably believed the boys were prey, since snakes usually eat small animals such as the ones they were petting earlier that day.

“Sadly, the snake could have mistaken them for a food item, which they weren’t” he said.

It has also been revealed that the owner of the 14-foot python, Jean-Claude Savoie, might not have had a permit for it. He could face manslaughter as well as criminal negligence charges. The results of the autopsy will decide if this will occur.

Reports stated that the 100-pound python slithered through a small opening of this glass room and then up the ventilation shaft in the ceiling. The ceiling then collapsed and the snake landed on the boys, before strangling them in their sleep.

The snake has been put down and a necropsy is being conducted.

Our prayers go out to the Barthe family during this difficult time.

SOURCE: DailyMail UK

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