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Oprah twerking?! This we gotta see…

In an interview with Blogxilla for GlobalGrind TV, Oprah spoke about the importance of her movie Lee Daniels’ The Butler – and what it was like livin’ the rapper lifestyle (sorta).

Blogxilla asked:

“You drank, you smoked, you twerked in this movie! How did that make you feel to play a rapper?!”

Oprah answered:

“It felt pretty good actually because, you know, what it says to me was that there was a whole generation of those women whose lives had to be put into a box. And they weren’t allowed to go outside that box. So her in a jumpsuit dancing in front of Soul Train is about as far as she can go.”

Oprah also talked about rolling in the bed with sexy Terrence Howard!

Check out the interview below – this is one you don’t wanna miss.