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Nope, that’s not Oz you’re watching.

It’s a real-life security breach that left cell doors open at a Miami jail and dozens of prisoners exposed to jailhouse dangers. And needless to say, sh*t popped off.

It all began when the doors at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center slowly opened. The inmates visible on the surveillance camera slink out of the doors, cautious but with purpose. They meet up with another individual, and from there make their way to Kenneth Williams, cornering the inmate as they hold homemade knives.

But Williams ain’t no fool and he sees what’s about to go down. Running down the hallway away from his attackers, Williams realizes there’s no way to go…but down. He jumps off the top-tier of the security wing.

Williams then clutches his leg after the fall and calls out to a nearby inmate to help him. Turns out he fractured his vertebrae and broke an ankle.

And yes, this was all captured on tape for our viewing displeasure.

But the security breach may have not been an accident at all. Officials are suspecting that the inmates knew the doors would open. According to the Miami Herald:

The surveillance footage has raised suspicions that the inmates knew the doors would be opening, and that someone in the jail system may have triggered the “group release” feature in the jail’s new computerized security system.

Yikes! Jailhouse culture is not a joke, folks. If you needed a reason to stay out of trouble, watch the dramatic and hella scary footage above.

SOURCE: Miami Herald