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Have you ever sent a regrettable late-night text that you wish you could take back before someone read it? Ever want to share a scantily clad selfie but fear that you’ll be captured by a screenshot? Or were you ever having a conversation you wanted to remain completely private?

Today, a new free app now available to iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms called Invisible Text has the answer to all those problems and will change the way you communicate with your friends, business partners, or even your side piece.

How many times have you worried that a text or picture you sent was being shared with other people a la Adrienne Bailon, Teyana Taylor, or any other of these celebs?

Now, with Invisible Text, those fears are a thing of the past. This app is the first of its kind, allowing users to keep their conversations 100 percent private. Only the person you chat with through the app can see your messages, and once your conversation is over, they disappear into technologic oblivion.

Too bad this wasn’t around when 50 Cent and his son shared a nasty exchange via texts.

Say you sent a message that you, for whatever reason, don’t want the other person to see anymore. Through Invisible Text, you can delete the message before it’s ever opened. That’s right, no more late-night booty-call and drunken text remorse.

We’re all familiar with Snapchat, but we take heed in sending pictures and videos at the risk of a screenshot. Well, Invisible Text is Snapchat on the next level: if someone attempts to catch you slippin’ in their inbox and they try to take a screen grab of your convo, the app stops them in their tracks and locks up for 60 seconds.

According to a press release for the app:

“Invisible Text lets you send text messages, photos, and videos without worrying about them landing in the wrong hands,” added White. “No longer will the scenario of leaving your phone in a taxi or café somewhere mean that you risk compromising your privacy or identity — you can relax by downloading Invisible Text onto your phone and knowing that no matter what, your private data can never be shared.”

So rest easy, my friends. Gone are the days when your thirsty texts may make you Twitter’s latest trending topic. Hurry and download it to avoid becoming the latest viral victim of the screenshot…we’re looking at you, Anthony Weiner.