With all the money we spend on Apple products, it’s probably wise to take advantage of anything they give away for free. Check out these paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free — today only. Pic Navi (Usual Price $2.99) – Easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor – Can edit date and […]

Uber is definitely an app that’s transformed how we think about transportation. It was only a matter of time before a car service would add bike services to their model. Uber announced a bike pilot program in San Francisco on Wednesday after partnering with New York-based bike sharing company Jump. These aren’t your average bikes either. […]

It’s tough being a 20-something these days with all that’s going on a personal and global scale. On the bright side, we are living in the information age in which we have access to most of the resources we need to keep ourselves healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. We’ve put together a list of apps […]

When a health crisis happens, tradition tells us to call 911, but now it seem the future may be in Uber. According the a report released on Wednesday, ambulance usage is dropping in the U.S. and researchers think ride sharing services might have something to do with it. The report collected ambulance usage rates in […]

Is this a genius way to calm safety concerns, or just the latest tool to creep? Uber has implemented a new safety feature that allows users to track family members’ rides in real-time. The feature, called Trip Tracker, is an example of Uber’s recent focus on safety following multiple news reports of disturbing occurrences between drivers and riders. […]

The mega popular social media app recently switched up their algorithm, changing how your timeline is set up.

The only thing bigger than Shaquille O'Neal is Shaquille O'Neal's personality.

While Republican nominee Donald Trump continues his absurd abuse of the U.S. political system, others have found a much more hilarious use for him.

For many of us, music is a part of everyday life. But have you ever thought about which song may have given you life?

One popular Instagram app has compromised the usernames and passwords of thousands of users in the UK and Canada.