How many times have you had a conversation about something and then — voila! — an ad for that very item, vacation, or service pops up on your smartphone? Answers inside.

Step into this guy's world and laugh your ass off.

It turns out we've had a lot of the symbols wrong all along.

When social media can literally save your life, that's the day it becomes so much more than entertainment.

Your smartphone is a superhero, and it can literally do anything – including cure cancer.

Have you ever sent a regrettable late-night text that you wish you could take back before someone read it? Ever want to share a scantily clad selfie but fear that you’ll be captured by a screenshot? Or were you ever having a conversation you wanted to remain completely private? Today, a new free app now […]

Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement yesterday. Zuck introduced a new Android homescreen replacement called “Home,” and explained it as “the soul of your phone.” Home is the first thing you see when you pick up your phone. The HTC First will be the first phone preloaded with Facebook Home, but Home will also launch on […]

Facebook made a big announcement today. The one billion member social network announced they will have a new “Home” on Android. Although Facebook is no stranger to the cell phone market, this will be their first in the Android market. Back in 2011 HTC launched two Facebook branded cellphones that were thought to do well, […]

  If you had a spare $10,000, what would you do? Would you blow it all in the strip club like Drake did this weekend? Maybe you could pay Birdman for a ride in his brand new $4 million Lambo, or maybe you could drop the entire 10 stacks on a new cell phone.  Vertu, […]


Should we expect anything less than a pimp-move with the race card from a politician that represents Sin City?   And they say that Republicans are the racists always playing the race card?   Amazing. However, it’s certainly not as amazing as Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) comments comparing the health care resistance from Republicans and conservatives on […]