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If we had to be real about all the things that happend in the fashion realms of the 2013 MTV VMAS, it would be that unlike traditional “serious” red carpet events, this isn’t high time to pull out our traditional best dressed list. Why, you ask? Well, because when Rihanna doesn’t wear a gown, does it all even count? We kid.

If we were doing a traditional VMAS best dressed list, at the very top of the list, Selena Gomez would be holding hands with her bestie Taylor Swift as they were both celebrated as GlobalGrind’s very best dressed of the 2013 MTV VMAS, along with A$AP Rocky’s gal Chanel Iman,  but this time we’re going to focus on all the ridiculously amusing fashion moments that happened during the 2013 MTV VMAS as they took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. From Robin Thicke’s Beetle Juice suit selection, to Lady Gaga’s thong throughout the show, check out the most interesting style moments below.

1. Ciara’s decision to repeat Beyonce’s Met Gala 2012 Givenchy look. 

We love Ciara, and she looks amazing in this dress, but having a repeat style moment from something as publicized as Beyonce’s 2012 MET Gala look overshadowed just how stunning she looked.

2. Everything Busta Rhymes is doing with this Versace H&M ‘fit.

We’re convinced the sleeves ripped on a flex during the commute to awards.

3. Lady Gaga’s decision to perform in a thong.

And then to sit down in a seat and watch the entire show in said thong. Booty juice, anyone?

4. 2 Chainz and Grimes’ “Bitch stole my look” moment in Versace.

Seriously, how embarrassing as a man is it to show up in the same outfit as a woman?

5. Foxy Brown’s nip slip…and inexplicable stains on her dress. 

Foxy and her stolen weave just could not get it together for the sake of Brooklyn. We weep for this Hermes bandage dress.

6. Robin Thicke’s decision to emulate Beetle Juice. 

And to allow Miley to struggle twerk on his stripes. We were hypnotized with confusion. Just don’t say his name 3 times fast.

7. Kanye West trading in his Jesus piece for some African beads. 

Looks like fatherhood has humbled Yeezuz’s taste in jewels. We’re diggin’ it.

8. Katy Perry’s “ROAR” Grill.

Kanye may have traded in the gold, but Katy’s grill will keep the jewelers in business.

9. The Weeknd’s jacket. 

It was 87 degrees and sunny in Brooklyn today, but maybe all that ice on his wrist is making him a bit chilly.

10. Every single thing Miley Cyrus did and wore tonight.




What are some of the style moments from the VMAS that left you more confused than a college statistics course?