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Hello Brooklyn! Last night was definitely an epic evening in the borough.

MTV brought the 2013 Video Music Awards to BK for the first time ever, live at the Barclays Center for its 30th anniversary. And they didn’t disappoint with the performances and surprises in store, like an ‘NSYNC reunion and Miley Cyrus proving that she really “can’t stop” when it comes to being her wild and crazy self.

But aside from Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, and (sorta) Kendrick Lamar – since he proclaimed himself the “King of New York” – there was a distinct lack of Brooklyn rappers in attendance. BK is considered the mecca of hip-hop. So where were the sons and daughters of this hip-hop mecca to represent?

After watching the show and realizing this, our reaction was very much like…


That is why we at GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of BK rappers who should’ve been at the VMAs this year.

Check out the list below!

1. Big Daddy Kane


Big Daddy Kane is one of the most influential figures in hip-hop; the definition of a living legend.

2. MC Lyte


Not only is MC Lyte a pioneer in hip-hop, but she’s the first solo female rapper to release a full album with Lyte as a Rock.

3. GZA & RZA (Wu-Tang Clan)


GZA and RZA are part of the Wu-Tang Clan, who have been noted as one of the best and most influential groups in hip-hop history.

4. M.O.P


Billy Danze & Lil’ Fame are as “cold as ice,” and definitely represent the gritty side of Brooklyn.

5. Junior M.A.F.I.A.


Junior M.A.F.I.A. were formed and mentored by The Notorious B.I.G…what else needs to be said?

6. Talib Kweli


Kweli means “true” in Swahili, and Talib Kweli is definitely true to the consciousness of Brooklyn.

7. Mos Def


Being that he and Talib Kweli once formed a duo called Black Star, it’s no surprise that he’s also true to BK.

8. Joell Ortiz


Joell Ortiz brings that “Yaowa” factor when he spits and makes every Puerto Rican and Brooklyn native stand up.

9. Fabolous


Fabolous is simply “nice” when it comes to lyricism and punchlines. Brooklyn is all about real hip-hop, and no one can deny that Fab embodies that.

10. Joey Bada$$


Joey Bada$$ is only 18, but he represents the new school of hip-hop with a laid-back confidence that’s so Brooklyn.

11. Jay Z


You know Jay Z should’ve been at the VMAs, because who’s really more Brooklyn than Hov?

If any number of these guys came out to show some of that Brooklyn hospitality, our reaction would’ve been a little more in line with Jaden Smith’s:


So really, where was Brooklyn at?

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