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Guess we can call them the Freedman’s now.

The wife of George Zimmerman, Shellie, will plead guilty today to a less serious form of perjury in a plea deal that is expected to make her serve one year probation and issue an apology to the judge.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

It was a negotiated deal, designed to avoid a felony conviction. The 26-year-old was a nursing student nearly done with her schooling at the time of her arrest. Had she been found guilty of a felony — the perjury charge she was facing — she would have been banned from applying to become a nurse for three years.

The deal also requires her to write a letter of apology to Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr., the judge to whom she was accused of lying, and to serve 100 hours of community service.

If you recall, Shellie first got into hot water after telling Lester that she and her husband were broke when they, in fact, had received $130,000 in donations in just over two weeks from Zimmerman supporters.

She was charged with perjury after lying during one of her husband’s bond hearings. The third-degree felony charge carried a possible five-year prison sentence.

But without a prior criminal record, Assistant State Attorney John Guy of Jacksonville agreed to allow her to plead guilty to the lesser charge of perjury in an unofficial proceeding.

How convenient.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel