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Get those holiday wish lists ready, the new iPhones are here!

It’s no secret by now what Apple is planning to unveil at their event in Cupertino, CA on September 10th, 2013 at 1PM ET/10AM PT. We expect a big emphasis on Apple’s new iOS 7 announced back in June, new updates on OSX Mavericks, and the Macbook Pro & iMac line. However the big ticket is, of course, the new iPhone 5S and the lower priced iPhone5C. This is great news for anyone living off ramen.

The Major Rumors About Apple’s iPhone Event:

  • Release Date – iOS 6 was launched to the public 2 days prior to the launch of the iPhone5, so speculation has it the new iPhones will release on September 20th, 2013.
  • iWatch – This is more of a hopeful item the tech world has been speculating on, but I am doubtful we will hear anything on this. We don’t even have a leak!
  • TouchID – This touch sensor is a recent rumor that may be fact, as some have sourced a press release. This is meant to be a touch-based security feature for unlocking phones.
  • 12-13 Megapixel Camera – They need to improve this to compete with the market trends.

The first sighting of the iPhone5S in the wild is brought to you by none other than Kim Kardashian in a selfie.

Follow Along Below For Live Updates From Apple’s iPhone Event:

  • 1:02PM ET: Tim Cook has taken the stage
  • 1:08PM ET:  Now he’s talking about iOS 7. Time for an update. “Next month we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device.”
  • 1:09PM ET: Craig Federighi takes the stage to talk iOS 7!
  • 1:13PM ET: we’re already into the camera’s features, with built-in filters and easier modes. The gallery automatically groups photos into “moments” and “related collections.” New Ringtones
  • 1:16PM ET: iOS 7 will be free starting Sep 18th.
  • 1:18PM ET: Talking about apps! Keynote improvements, iWork, iphoto, pages: All free on new iOS devices.
  • 1:20PM ET: On to the new iPhone!
  • 1:24PM ET: First offical images of new iPhone5C:
  • 1:24PM ET: Blue, white, pink, yellow and green of the iPhone5C will be 16 GB is $99, 32GB is $199… new cases $29
  • 1:34 PM ET: Now we’re on to the second iPhone. the iPhone 5S! “It’s the most forward-thinking phone we’ve ever created.”
  • Three colors. Black, gold and silver.
  • 1:45PM ET: There’s a new part called M7, that works alongside the A7. It’s a motion co-processor. It measures motion data continuously; accelerometer, gyroscope, compass support. It enables a new generation of health and fitness apps, Phil says.
  • 1:46PM ET: 10 hours 3G talk time, 250 hours standby. 10 hours LTE browsing, 40 hours music playback.
  • 1:57PM ET: Touch ID is now official on the 5S! The sensor is built right into the home button!
  • 2:00PM ET: “It’s not just rampant tech for tech’s sake. Every component and process has been considered and measured to make sure it’s truly useful and enhances the user experience.”
  • 2:02PM ET: Jony: “We believe technology is at its best and most empowering when it simply disappears.”
  • 2:04PM ET: 16GB $199, 32GB is $299 and 64GB is $399 on contract. cases are $49 each
  • The 5S and 5C will also be available on Sept 20th in stores.

Source: Getty | Keek | Cnet