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As if we don’t already have enough fun with viral hip-pop memes, the fine creative folk of the Internet have made it possible, once again, to immortalize these moments in meme history in our closets.

Joseph Evans has followed up his first “YOLO Polo” shirt – which he dropped when Drake’s “No New Friends” video still became the best meme of all time – with two more chuckle worthy offerings.

The new polos depict Jay Z and Miguel in action for their awkward pool dive and wrestling move leg-drop, respectively, and they are pretty much the best thing that fall fashion has to offer.

Who needs a polo player mounting a horse, when you can have Miguel’s power leg drop and/or (depending on your budget) Jay Z diving frog splash first into a pool.

Check out the net-gold embossed on the shirts in the photo above. Looking to get your hands on one? Head over to Joseph Evans’ Big Cartel site and purchase yours now; $35 is a small price to pay for the laughs this shirt will bring.