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If we had to guess who A$AP Rocky would make his leading lady, Chanel Iman wouldn’t be the first name to come to our heads. But now that the fashionable pair is sitting front row at fashion shows, riding the train and kissing in Instagram flixs, it all makes so much more sense.

The adorable couple was spotted front row at Jeremy Scott’s runway show during New York Fashion Week, and while all the rage was supposed to be on the looks that were going to be floating down the runway, it suddenly became all about Chanel stealing A$AP’s clothes, in that way that us girlfriends love to do.

The Cut was on the scene to capture it all:

“I steal all his clothes!” said Iman, her teeth gleaming.

“This is mine,” said Rocky, grabbing the front of Iman’s jeweled top. “She stole it a while back. This is, like, vintage Jeremy [Scott] right here. I tried to get it back, but I don’t think I’m going to. I think that’s hers now.” Does the rest of the A$AP Mob get to steal clothes, too? “We used to, but not anymore,” said Rocky. “It’s to the point some of us have more expensive clothes than others. That’s not a fair trade when everybody takes your expensive shit and then they don’t [give] anything in return. So I stopped doing that with my brothers. Until all of them become rich, I’m not trading with them!”

Not only does Chanel steal his clothing, but the pair also has matching gold grills, which is almost too damn trendy and cute for us to deal with.

Check out the photos of the gold tooth, fashion-loving, beautiful couple in the photos below.