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Miley Cyrus is a mess and she knows it. In her much anticipated documentary airing Wednesday Oct 2nd the 20 year old reveals that everything she does is a “strategic hot mess”. Every single twerk, crude lyric, and barely there outfit is part of a calculated move to take over the world. Love her or hate her, you gotta respect the hustle.

Last week Thursday, I was invited to the MTV headquarters in NYC with a few other reporters to get an exclusive sneak peak at the full documentary. Over the past 4 months cameras have followed the star around capturing her remarkable transformation from Hannah Montana to the twerking queen. Showing how savvy she is, Miley has been very involved in the process working closely with the producers for her latest TV effort. With just a few days until the film airs I’m giving you a head start with the 5 things you will be buzzing about once “Miley: The Movement”airs…

Post VMA’s Miley says “while you guys are frazzled we are chillin..”

In her words Miley states that the “VMA’s are made to be fun and push the boundaries”. Her performance was meant to get tongues wagging for the long haul. While the rest of the country (actually the whole world) was still focused on her onstage twerking and foam finger antics, Miley was literally in the studio working on new material. The pop star succinctly understands that her core target audience, (the Hannah Montana fans) will follow and support her wherever she goes. Their unrelenting love is evident throughout the whole film, Miley is not pressed on trying to impress the rest of us, she is incredibly aware that her fans are in her corner. In one scene says that she doesn’t pay attention to the negative and that her goal is to make us talk for 2 weeks and not 2 seconds. Mission accomplished!

Miley and Mike Will’s “relationship”

Now don’t take this as gospel but after watching the documentary it seems abundantly clear to me that Miley and Mike are an item. There is a particular scene where the former Disney stars calls up the hip hop producer to discuss her apprehensions of picking “We Won’t Stop” as her first single. The conversation plays out more like a boyfriend reassuring his girlfriend (albeit in a measurably cool manner) than a producer speaking to his artist. And of course there are scenes of the pair backstage at the VMA’s, at Good Morning America and many other places. They seem awfully close. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Miley’s Mom is her “homie” but what about Billy Ray Cyrus?

Tish Cyrus is a prominent fixture in the documentary. The blonde seems to be the voice of reason in Miley’s hectic life but surprisingly there are no scenes featuring Miley and her Daddy Bill Ray Cyrus. So what gives? The producers of the documentary say the focus of the film was the music and not that part of her life. Say word? Billy Ray ain’t the only one missing, her former fiance Liam Hemsworth is also not featured or discussed anywhere in the documentary. It seems rather odd given the high profile nature of their romance but I suppose his omission just further confirmed that the wrecking ball of relationship was over a long time before the public knew it.

My eight year old is gonna turn into a stripper..”

Miley tells the story of how when Britney Spear’s hit song “Slave” came out a few years ago, she was so enthralled with it that her father declared that “my eight year old is gonna turn into a stripper”. What a guy! Coincidentally, Britney is also featured in the documentary and you can tell that Miley is clearly over the moon that she’s collaborating with Brit Brit on the new album.

Miley’s epic meltdown.

Right before the VMA’s red carpet in Brooklyn our girl Miley has an epic “meltdown” of sorts. You will see how this all plays out, I don’t want to give away all the juice- but you will be able to understand why she was livid. I’m talking raised voices, cursing and complete diva behavior. It was an honest mistake but one that clearly sent the pop star reeling. The interesting part here though is not how Miley yells at her crew but how she hops out of the car and steps out on the red carpet without missing a beat. Homegirl proceeds to engage her fans as if she didn’t just lose her cool a few seconds ago. Its fascinating watching how laser focused she is, that even faced with adversity she soldiers as if nothing ever happened.

Packed with cameo appearances from Will I Am, Pharrell and Britney Spears the riveting 60 minute do will not disappoint. Miley the Movement airs on MTV on Wednesday Oct 2 in the US and on Thursday Oct 3rd in the UK & Africa. Don’t miss it!

Makho Ndlovu is a Zimbabwean born celebrity reporter and blogger based in New York City. You can follow her @MakhoNdlovu. To learn more about her, check out her personal blog