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The mysterious case of a Georgia teenager who, in January of this year, was found dead and rolled in a gym mat is getting even more bizarre.

After exhuming his body and performing another autopsy, Kendrick Johnson’s family learned that before burial, almost all of his organs were replaced with newspaper.

That second autopsy, requested by the 17-year-old’s family following suspicions that their son was killed, found evidence of non-accidental trauma – not accidental asphyxiation as first reported. But what they didn’t find were his organs from pelvis to skull — including his brain, lungs, heart, and liver.

Newspapers were stuffed into the cavities the organs should have occupied “like he was a garbage can,” his mother says. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which conducted the first autopsy, says it put all the organs back in afterward. But the funeral home that embalmed Kendrick tells the family’s attorney that before it got the body the organs “were destroyed through natural process,” and then “discarded by the prosecutor.”

The family appeared on CNN to discuss the case because the county sheriff, who insists that the death is a closed case, will not.

The family also revealed other evidence to CNN that suggest Kendrick was fatally struck with a blow, like blood stains on the wall that weren’t investigated. And just today, the Johnson family’s attorney, Chevene King, says surveillance videotape that may show Kendrick in the gym is being withheld.

“They know something happened in that gym,” Kendrick’s father says, “and they don’t want it to come out.”

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on this case.