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Jacquelyn and Kenneth Johnson took legal action against the state of Georgia after their 17-year-old son was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat at Valdosta's Lowndes High School in January 2013.


Branden and Brian Bell, the brothers accused of involvement in the January 2013 death of Georgia teenager Kendrick Johnson, are speaking out for the first time since…


The investigation into the mysterious death of a Georgia teen found rolled in a gym mat two years ago received new life when federal marshals seized

The parents of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teenager found dead in a rolled up gym mat in 2013, are facing jail time for a protest they staged seeking answers in their son’s death. Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson face charges of interference with government property for blocking the entrance to the Lowndes County Courthouse with five other […]

The parents of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teenager who was found dead rolled up in a gym mat at his high school, have filed a lawsuit that accuses his classmates of his death. According to the Associate Press, the 17-year-old’s parents have filed a wrongful death suit, which lists 38 defendants involved in the incident, […]

The family of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen who was mysteriously found dead in his high school gymnasium, organized a peace rally in Valdosta to honor the two-year anniversary of his death. Johnson’s family held the rally on Saturday at Saunders Park in Valdosta, GA. During the touching event, the family thanked their supporters and remembered […]

According to WCTV, Chevene B. King Jr., the lawyer for Kendrick Johnson‘s family has brought up key evidence on two brothers, one who is on the Lowndes High School wrestling team and their connection to the late teen. King believes the teens had something to do with the death of Kendrick Johnson. Kendrick Johnson was found dead […]

The family of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen who was found rolled up in a gym mat in January 2013, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against school officials claiming their lack of action led to his death at the hands of another student. Earlier this year, his parents filed a negligence lawsuit against the […]

An anonymous tip received by authorities investigating the mysterious death of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson has turned out to be false. According to Lt. Stryde Jones with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, the email tip, which was received on January 27 and named numerous people who confessed to knowing who killed Kendrick Johnson, is “incorrect.” […]

A federal grand jury investigating the details surrounding the mystery death of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson has subpoenaed his former schoolmates and their parents. According to CNN: Among those seen entering the federal courthouse in Macon on Thursday were current students at Lowndes High School and current and former students at Valdosta High School, also […]

The family of Kendrick Johnson is still trying to find answers regarding their son’s puzzling death. If you recall, Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a rolled up gym mat last year in his Valdosta, Georgia high school gymnasium. His family is now suing the funeral home for stuffing the 17-year-old’s body with newspaper. According to the AP, […]

Kendrick Johnson’s family has hit another roadblock in their efforts to find out the truth about his mysterious murder.  According to reports GA. courts have determined that although it wasn’t the “best practice,” the South Georgia funeral home didn’t technically do anything wrong or illegal when they stuffed Kendrick Johnson’s body with newspaper. The family of […]