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The family of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen who was mysteriously found dead in his high school gymnasium, organized a peace rally in Valdosta to honor the two-year anniversary of his death.

Johnson’s family held the rally on Saturday at Saunders Park in Valdosta, GA. During the touching event, the family thanked their supporters and remembered their 17-year-old son. More questions than answers have surrounded the teen’s death, including the handling of his body and questionable behavior by the police.

“Today is the second anniversary of our son’s death, Kendrick Johnson. We’re just bringing awareness about Kendrick’s case. We’re not going to let his legacy go,” said Kenneth and Jackie Johnson, parents of Kendrick Johnson.

Just days before the anniversary, all seven judges involved in the case recused themselves due to their relationship with the defendants in Johnson’s family’s wrongful death suit and the CNN lawsuit against Lowndes County High Schools. The judges claim they cannot be fair in the case.

“Given the fact that officials with whom the judges in the circuit deal with everyday are involved, it is not fair to the parties for any judge in this circuit to rule on contested matters of importance to the parties and the community,” Lowndes County Superior Court Judge Harry Altman wrote in a letter addressed to attorneys representing all parties.

Only five of the seven judges in Georgia’s Southern Judicial Circuit hear cases regularly. Two senior judges hear cases only after special assignment.

The family’s lawyer Benjamin Crump commented on the recusals on Thursday.

“His decision cuts to the very heart of this matter, especially for this family. That is: Can they get fair and impartial people to look at what happened to this child and render a fair decision so they can have peace at night?” said Johnson’s attorney, Benjamin Crump.

New judges will be brought in and the case will more than likely be brought to another area of the state.


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