As everyday people, we often find ourselves mesmerized by celebrities – we want to know what they’re doing, who they’re wearing, where they eat and who and what they like. A cult following has become the mark of true celebrity. Everyone who’s anyone has one (bonus points for having an adorable nickname!) Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are just a few of the famous pack leaders whose word is bond to their perspective pack of super fans.

These stans will go to great lengths to catch the attention of their favorite celebrities. They’ll camp out all night, they’ll steal, they’ll fight, they’ll make death threats and embarrass the hell out of themselves – Seriously, you name it, a super fan has probably done it!

We compiled a list of the 6 most outrageous things super fans have done for their 15 minutes of fame.

Check it out!


After learning that Taylor Swift may be moving into town, one Rhode Island man made it his job to make Swift feel welcome and right at home. Richard Manfredi hopped on his mower and scrawled a welcome message into a field. He mowed “Welcome Taylor” into the enormous piece of land and even added a guitar! But Manfredi’s not just a super fan, he’s a businessman. The crafty Swifty invited the public to take a closer look at his creation for a nominal fee of $8.


One Direction fans are notorious for going to great lengths to see their five favorite men up close and personal. Recently, things got a bit intimate when two Directioners crossed the line while trying to get a glimpse into Liam Payne’s hotel room. The super fans made their way up to Liam’s balcony, and attempted to force their way into his hotel room where he was sleeping – in the buff! Fortunately for Liam, they weren’t able to make it in. Yuki and Izzy, the 14 and 13-year-olds responsible for the attempted break in, didn’t stop there, however. The following day they tracked Liam down at the beach where he was surfing. While he chased the waves, Yuki and Izzy finally scored, running off with his pants and boxers. The girls later returned the items, fearing they’d get in trouble with the law. Phew!


Justin Bieber’s fans are hardcore. Though they’re mostly (but not limited to – no shade here!) made up of young girls, trust us when we say you do not want to cross a Belieber. Bieber super fan and Twitter personality CantBeliebIt recently shared this photo with her 190,000 + following. Yup, she went there.


Super fandom knows no age. Carl McCoid, a 40-year-old Smiler, loves Miley Cyrus so much that he decided to ink his love permanently – all over his body. McCoid has 21 different Miley tattoos, three of which are on his face. He has her album title tattooed across his shoulders, “Miley” on the back of his neck and multiple portraits of the 20-year-old singer. Now that’s dedication!

Little Monsters

Super fans are quick to run to the aid of their leaders, so it’s no surprise that when Lady Gaga found herself beefin’ with one of the internet’s most notorious gossip bloggers, her little monsters were right there to back her up. The trouble is, with large, angry groups of super fans, things tend to spiral out of control quickly. It wasn’t long before the little monsters went from having their mama monster’s back, to making sure Perez was watching his! Perez Hilton began receiving death threats and many monsters even suggested he kill himself. Perez continues to have trouble with Gaga’s fans, but things have since quieted down.


You can’t talk super fans and not mention the Beyhive. Beyonce’s fans are arguably the most intense and dedicated fans in the game; they’d do anything and everything for Queen Bey. Anything. We don’t even need to go into specifics! Maybe the video below will suffice.

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