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The Walking Dead returns with Season 4 of the hit show about the zombie apocalypse. This season, we’ll get to catch up on the characters we’ve grown to love, like Rick and Daryl, and get to learn more about a couple of characters we just met (like Michonne and Tyreese).

When we last left the gang, they just took a group of new survivors into the prison after a bloody battle with The Governor and his Woodbury Army. And they’ve lost a lot of souls along the way. Amy, Laura, Dale, Shane…our man main T-Dog!

So as we kick off this new season of The Walking Dead, we’d like to give you a glimpse at every death over the past three seasons to let you remember who we’ve loved (or hated) and lost.

The main characters in order…

Ed Peletier – Devoured by walkers. Head stabbed with a pickaxe to prevent reanimation.

Amy – Bitten in the neck, died of infection.

Jim – Bitten in the stomach, died of infection.

Dr. Edwin Jenner & Jacqui – Killed themselves in an explosion.

Otis – Shot by Shane and devoured by walkers.

Dale Horvath – Disemboweled by walker and shot in head.

Sophia Peletier – Lost in the woods, bit by zombie, shot in the head by Rick.

Shane Walsh – Stabbed in the heart, then shot by Carl after he reanimated as a walker.

Jimmy & Patricia – Devoured by walkers after the fire in a barn.

T-Dog – Eaten by walkers saving a life.

Lori Grimes – Died during childbirth, then shot by her son Carl after she reanimated.

Merle Dixon – Shot in the chest by the Governor, then killed as a zombie by his brother Daryl.

Milton Mamet – Stabbed in the stomach and killed by Lori after she came back as a zombie.

Andrea – Bit by Milton, then killed by Michonne.

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