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It’s official, ya’ll: Young Scooter is home.

According to MTV, the “Columbia” rapper was actually released from Georgia’s DeKalb County Jail on October 2nd. Yesterday, MTV released some lovely footage of Scooter reuniting with his young son right when he was let out of the box.

For the last six months, Bricksquad’s Young Scooter has been locked up. In April, he violated his parole when he was pulled over with a suspended license.

We’re kind of confused by what’s really going on with Scooter because, last week, Missinfo posted this note that came from his team:

Young Scooter was released from Dekalb Co. Jail on September 19th, 2013 after serving time for a probation violation. However upon his scheduled release, a hold was put on him by Hamilton County, Ohio for a probation violation stemming from a million dollar check ring, which Scooter was previously involved in. On September 26th, he was transported to Cincinnati, Ohio where he awaits an appearance before a judge. His next scheduled court date is October 21st.”

It seems like Young Scooter is really home. The rapper, who is supposed to be dropping Street Lottery 2 later this year, has been tweeting up a storm:

In case ya’ll didn’t know, the first Street Lottery is a masterpiece. We can’t wait to hear part two.

SOURCE: MTV, MissInfo 

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