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Three years ago, Arian Asllani, better known as Action Bronson, was a chef in New York City, working at Citi Field making meals for the Mets.

Bronson isn’t a chef anymore; but he’s still serving dudes. Since releasing his stellar debut album, Dr Lecture, Action Bronson has been one of the most popular underground MCs out there. He’s put out many great projects, like Well-Done with Statik Selektah, Blue Chips, co-starring Party Supplies, and Rare Chandeliers, which was entirely produced by The Alchemist.

Earlier today, Bam Bam released Blue Chips 2, an amazing piece of work that features the rapper spitting over numerous obscure loops.

One of the most appealing things about Bam Bam is his past: the rapper has never shied away from the fact that he was a chef. In fact, an average Action Bronson song usually includes at least three food-related metaphors.

It’s clear dude knows his dishes.

You could also see his food knowledge at work if you follow him on Instagram. Dude stays posting up new meals. And these aren’t struggle meals either. (You listening, 2 Chainz?)

Nah, this is high-class stuff. So to celebrate the release of Blue Chips 2, here are 15 of Action Bronson’s most delicious Instagram meals.

(Side note: With each dish, there’s a Bam Bam rhyme to accompany said meal. So enjoy that, too.)

Action Bronson’s 15 Most Delicious Instagram Meals (PHOTOS)
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