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Millions were outraged when Miley Cyrus hit the stage to accept her award at MTV’s European Music Awards in Amsterdam this weekend … and lit up a joint.

Well, Miley heard their complaints and she doesn’t give a fuck if you’re offended!

In the aftermath of her latest stunt, the “We Can’t Stop” songstress took to Twitter to let the haters know she doesn’t care what they think.

We hear you loud and clear, Miley.

She then thanked fellow pop star Katy Perry for hosting and Amsterdam for always showing her a good time. Miley shared this hazy photo of the event to show fans just how dope her time in the Netherlands was:

Miley’s made it known that she loves to smoke, but no one expected her to light up on stage.

“No one was expecting it to happen,” a source told Us Weekly. “It was so brazen, so shameless. It was so uncalled for.”

No one, including the network. In the rebroadcast of the awards show in the United States, MTV censored Miley’s epic moment, showing only the audience’s reaction to her speech.

It wasn’t just her antics that had critics talking. Miley’s fashion choices for the evening caused quite a stir. The 20-year-old hit the red carpet for the pre-show in a barely-there backless dress with Biggie Smalls and Tupac emblazoned on the booty.

Later, she took to the stage in a high-cut leotard and over-the-top fur vest.

Ohhh, Miley.

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash