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We’ll admit, when Jennifer Lawrence debuted her new pixie cut, we were kind of thinking “but why?” But without even having to utter it out loud, the actress has answered our question. The answer? Because she is Jennifer Lawrence, that’s why.

Last night marked the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment to The Hunger Games trilogy, which pretty much means Jennifer is guaranteed big star status on the red carpet for the next few years.

For the big reveal, Jennifer donned a rainbow embellished Christian Dior Couture dress from the brand’s Fall 2013 collection, which comes as no surprise, since she is the face of the brand. 

Then, she did it. JLaw took one glance over her shoulder in a pose she’s perfected and made you fall in love with her pixie cut.

And then did it again later in the night in an embellished black gown. This time, the over the shoulder gaze was accompanied with a side swept bang, because she wants you to know this damn pixie is versatile!

OK, Jennifer. You got us, we are now presidents of the Lawrence pixie fan club.