Source: Dudley M. Brooks/The Washington Post / Getty

Brand: Cristal Champagne

Reason: When Jay Z speaks, the world listens. This was the case in 2006, when Mr. Carter accused the luxury brand of being racist due to comments made by Cristal managing director Fredric Rouzaud. Rouzaud inferred that Cristal’s association with the flashy hip-hop lifestyle could be detrimental to the brand. Jigga responded, telling the Associated Press that he viewed the comments as “racist” and will “no longer support any of their products.”


Brand: GQ

Reason: The popular men’s magazine has been known for its exclusive interviews and epic covers, but not this time. Kendrick Lamar snagged the cover of the 2013 Men Of The Year issue, but was less than pleased when the article came out. A member of Kendrick’s camp, TDE’s CEO Anthony Tiffith, released a statement to MTV News, saying that the article written by Steve Marsh put Lamar and the rest of the TDE camp in a “negative light.” Tiffith continued, saying that the article was “disrespectful” with racial “overtones.” As a result, Kendrick Lamar did not attend the GQ after party during which he was slated to perform.

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