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Ain’t nobody f*cking with Kris Jenner’s clique.

It’s obvious Kris Jenner is the coolest mom in Hollywood, but what’s most cool about K.J. is her unusual and very random friendships with various celebs.

Last night, the woman responsible for birthing Kim Kardashian was photographed chatting it up with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy. But her encounter with Jeezy is nothing in comparison to her unusual friendship with actor/comedian Jamie Foxx.

The two unlikely friends spent the entire night watching Kanye perform on his “Yeezus” tour. If that’s not odd enough, Kris is always hanging out with hip-hop mogul Diddy, practicing her duckface with ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass, and kicking it at “Rack City” rapper Tyga’s house.

Weird, we know.

So in honor of Kris Jenner’s unusually cool friendships, we created a gallery of all of her cool friends. Check out K.J.’s clique down under.

Kris Jenner’s Odd Friendships (PHOTOS)
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