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Black Friday shopping turned into black-eye shopping, when stores opened late Thursday night and shoppers bum-rushed doors to get the holiday bargains.

And as you can imagine, everything did not go off without a hitch.

In Virginia, a 35-year-old man was stabbed in a row over a parking space by a 61-year-old man. A Las Vegas shopper was shot in the leg by a man out to steal his newly-bought television. And police opened fire on an alleged shoplifter as he fled a Chicago store.

All that were injured have sustained non-life threatening injuries. The two shot were taken to the hospital, as well as the stabbing victim, who police say was sliced in his arm, down to the bone.

But no Black Friday would be complete without the sea of customers, the screaming, the pushing and the brawls. And there was no better place to see that than Walmart. Here’s the scene from a Walmart in Johnson City, Tenn.

And yes, that pushing and shoving ultimately ended with this at Walmarts all over the nation:

But Walmart, being Walmart, had nothing but positive things to say about how their Black Friday was coming along.

Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan told The Huffington Post such incidents don’t accurately depict what she describes as a successful Black Friday for the retailer.

“We’ve got great feedback from customers and associates across the country,” Buchanan told The Huffington Post. “A few tweets aren’t representative of what’s actually happening at 4,600 stores.”

Well, maybe this is representative of what’s actually happening?

In San Diego, author and activist Mark Dice used a megaphone to shame Black Friday shoppers who act like “parasites” as retail stores open.
Another Wal-Mart faced mayhem in Iowa City, Iowa as police rushed through the store to try and control the chaos.

Things also got out of hand in Fort Worth, Texas, at, you guessed it, Wal-Mart as shoppers started throwing items in the air.

Oh, and we can’t forget this very happy and friendly shopper in North Carolina who shoved about 4 women out of the way to get one last item before making his way to the register!

Happy Shopping!

SOURCE: Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Vine, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty