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Sway got the answers!

After his infamous interview with Kanye West, Sway finally responds to Kanye’s blow up, which has led to countless internet memes and Twitter jokes.

During a taping of RapFix Live, Sway took a few minutes to address what everyone has been wondering. Does Sway have the answers, or nah?

“For the record I love Kanye West, that’s my little brother….everything that Kanye said I think is true. I believe in everything he’s trying to do.”

But of course, there was one thing Sway didn’t agree with. If you guessed that Sway had issues with Kanye West’s declaration that he didn’t have the answers, then you guessed right. He joked:


And if you want the answers, go to to purchase his “Got The Answers” T-Shirt. Just to be clear, “IT AIN’T RALPH THOUGH!”

Thankfully, Sway and Kanye are real friends and have no beef over the blow up. Watch his response in the video above.

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