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Sexy. Confident. Ambitious. Debonair. Independent. Stylish. Cool. No better words to describe…the Sagittarius man.

You can spot a Sagittarius man by his demeanor. He is smooth and observant…calm and relaxed in new company, but has a very strong underlying sex appeal because he exudes confidence and authority. His style is usually very sharp and authentic. He stays true to who he is and doesn’t really look for the approval of others…he marches to the beat of his own drum.


Sagittarius men, once they decide to commit…are very loyal partners. They are extremely attentive, playful, optimistic and FUN.  They have a very healthy sexual appetite and are adventurous in and out of the bedroom. They look for lovers who are affectionate, spontaneous, exciting and most importantly above all…who are honest. These guys also like mystery and a bit of a challenge…so keep them guessing and they will always crave more.


Sagittarius men can be extremely honest, which is normally a good trait, but it can border on being harsh, depending on the audience. To date the Sagittarius man, you must have thick skin and understand most of the time he is coming from a place of sincerity…his delivery may just not always be sugarcoated to protect your feelings. He also can be a bit careless and tend to take things for granted, and because of his exploratory nature can be a bit restless in relationships and have very scattered energy, causing you sometimes to feel ignored or undervalued.


Sagittarius men are all about sex appeal. Look your best at ALL TIMES…they love a partner who knows how to put together the perfect look, who plays up their best assets and who is confident. They are very sensual and respond well to touch and smells, and most importantly, to a partner who is secure in themselves and unique in their own special way.

Famous Sagittarius Men


By Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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