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After he was sentenced to 10 years of probation as a result of killing a family of 4 during a drunk driving accident, Ethan Couche is facing another huge battle.

According to CNN, the survivor of the accident who was in the pickup truck with Ethan, named Sergio Molina, is now paralyzed from injuries.

The family is now suing Couche’s family for $20 million, as his medical bills have racked up to nearly $1 million already.

Sergio is in constant need of medical care being that he is paralyzed, and is considered “minimally conscious” by his mother and older brother who take care of him.

This case has raised a lot of controversy, being that the lawyers of Ethan Couche are arguing that he suffered from “Affluenza”. They say that this is the result of his rich parents never setting limits and not teaching him about consequences.

We pray for the family of Sergio Monila, as well as the victims of the car crash.