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Capricorn season is in full effect! To start off the New Year, read our tips on how to spot, date, and snag your very own “CEO” of the Zodiac.


You can spot a Capricorn man by his…accomplishments. Usually the more reserved and serious type, the Capricorn man is known as the “businessman” of the zodiac. Extremely determined, ambitious and goal-oriented, his sights are on the bigger picture and he is usually organizing and leading major corporations and strategizing plans in his downtime. Getting to know the Capricorn man on a deeper level may take some patience because his tunnel vision for success is impenetrable…but don’t give up too soon…because once he lets you in, all the wait will prove to be worthwhile.


Capricorn men have a bad reputation for seeming cold, detached and aloof…but this is a defense mechanism to really read a person’s true intentions and assess if you are deemed worthy enough to be let into their inner circle…which is usually small but concrete. Once he lets down his walls, the Capricorn man is adventurous and playful…very light-hearted and even quirky. He is silly, loves to laugh and is by far one of the most loyal and committed signs of the zodiac. If you are looking for husband material…the Capricorn man is a sure bet.


Because these go-getters are so wrapped up in their career, they can become a bit neglectful and almost passive at home. They divulge all of their energy into securing a future, so a woman that is interested in a Capricorn man may have to play the role of the aggressor in the beginning. Also, because of his cautious nature, it may take a bit of patience on your end to get him to become expressive about his feelings towards you and the future of your relationship, but once committed you will be pleasantly surprised with the warm, sensitive and loyal man that lies underneath the surface.


The Capricorn man is impressed with a woman of character and substance. He’s looking for a life partner and someone he can build a future with…so being overly flashy and scandalous is not going to get his long-term attention. If you want to seduce a Capricorn man, appeal to his refined taste, his intellect, and his sense of humor. Be classy, sophisticated and a bit reserved…you will entice his curiosity and the rest will be history.


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By Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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