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After furniture shopping with fiance Kanye West and baby North West, Kim Kardashian dropped by the Jimmy Kimmel Live show – and the usually tight-lipped reality star didn’t hold anything back this time.

Kim shared wedding details, dished about dating Kanye West, let us know what it’s really like living with Kris Jenner and much, much more.

Kim stepped out onto the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage sporting her now-signature look: a crop top paired with a kurve-hugging pencil skirt. Upon sitting down, Kimmel asked Kim to share the tragedy she had suffered earlier that day – the loss of her beloved Blackberry.

No worries though, Kimmy K was holding strong without the phone – in fact, she hardly even missed it.

“I think that when you have a baby you just don’t care. I don’t care who’s e-mailing me. I’m with my fiance and my baby. Nothing else matters,” she explained.

Jimmy then dug deep, searching for any and all details the future Mrs. West would share about her upcoming nuptials.

“You and Kanye, your fiance, were recently in Paris – I know this because everyone follows you around taking pictures, which is nice because you don’t have to have vacation photos of anything like that! But you were looking at the Palace of Versailles, right? You were on a tour there?” he asked.

“We took a private tour. Him and I have never been there so we just wanted a tour and of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place and all of that,” she explained.

“But you’re not?” Kimmel asked.

“No, we were just taking a tour, but you know, we will be getting married, hopefully, this summer in Paris.”

Though Kim wouldn’t share an exact location or date for her Parisian “I dos,” she did dish on Kanye’s role in the wedding planning.

“I know they think or say that they guy usually doesn’t care and just shows up. Kanye really cares and he’s really passionate about it, so it makes my job 100 percent easier,” she revealed.

“I believe that,” Jimmy joked.

“It makes my job really easy, but I live it ’cause it just – he knows what he wants and I love that about him.”

Jimmy searched for any further details he could squeeze out of Kim, but had little luck. She did however reveal that Yeezus probably wouldn’t be rapping his vows.

“I don’t think so, but I will ask him,” she answered.

Jimmy then spoke to the 33-year-old star about the newest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which recently began airing again. Jimmy and Kim spoke candidly about the drama that plays out this season in the wake of Kris and Bruce Jenner’s separation and Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odom.

When asked if she was surprised when her parents announced their split, Kim revealed that while the rest of her siblings may have been shocked, she saw it coming.

“No, it wasn’t a surprise actually. They have kind of been living like friends for a really long time, so I just feel like, you know, you want your parents to be happy. I think it was more awkward for them to live together and just not sleep in the same room for so long,” she said.

Kim took to twitter to clear the air on some of the comments she made about Khloe and Lamar’s relationship saying:

I’m so tired of people twisting my words, Khloe did start fertility and she wanted to have a baby, but I believe in the middle of the process she realized timing wasn’t good based on what was going on with her relationship. She was not ready to tell us everything so she stopped treatment without telling us.

Kim also talked about North West, the truth about that epic meal she cooked for Kanye and revealed which of the Kardashians is the worst baby sitter. For all that and more, check out her three-part-interview above.


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