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Shocker! Justin Bieber is making headlines again and this time, it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason.

TMZ has obtained surveillance video of the pop star’s arrest in Miami Beach last month that shows him being patted down and searched by police. Bieber appears to be cooperative with police, though he was booked for resisting arrest earlier in the evening.

Police found nothing on the musician, though he did reportedly admit to being under the influence of prescription drugs, marijuana and alcohol.

Unfortunately for Justin, his alleged DUI/drag-racing case isn’t the only legal battle he’s currently fighting.

According to E! News, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has completed its investigation into the Egg-gate case; J-Biebs is accused of having egged a neighbor’s home, causing upwards of $20,000 dollars in damage.

Because of the extensive damage, the 19-year-old could potentially be facing felony charges, though it may still be reduced to a misdemeanor or dropped entirely.

It doesn’t seem that the latter is likely, however.

“We dropped the case off to the D.A. today,” Sheriff Lt. Dave Thompson told E! News.

“We did a search warrant and put a lot of work into it. Of course it’s up to them…I want a felony filing,” he added. “The kid needs to realize he can’t do this.”

“Certainly we don’t want the D.A. to reject it. We believe with the dollar amount and the evidence it deserves a felony filing.”

Sheriffs raided Bieber’s Calabasas, CA mansion in early January. The teen’s cell phone and other personal items were taken, but police did not arrest Bieber. According to police, there were several other people in his home, including Lil Za, who was arrested and charged with felony possession of Ecstasy and Oxycontin.

Za was later charged again, in jail, for damaging jail property. According to E!, Lil Za allegedly ripped a phone from the wall before being released.

Police have hope that Justin’s new lady friend, model Chantel Jeffries, will give up her alleged man. According to TMZ, investigators have been hounding Chantel, who was present when Bieber was taken into custody in Miami, for details about that evening.

Unfortunately for them, TMZ is reporting that Jeffries is Team Bieber all the way. The model claims Justin did not partake in any drinking or smoking at the club before hopping behind the wheel of his rented yellow Lamborghini. They’re also claiming that Chantel has dismissed the drag-racing reports as bogus; she says they never went faster than 40 MPH.

Early on in the investigation, TMZ reported that Justin’s BAC was just .014 and the GPS readout clocked his maximum speed at 44 MPH; when police stopped him, he was driving at a whopping 27 MPH.

Though Justin’s got a new boo, it seems his ex is struggling to move on from her former boyfriend – and that’s not all she’s allegedly battling.

It was recently revealed that Selena Gomez did a two-week stint in a rehab facility for “exhaustion,” though TMZ reported that Gomez was seeking treatment for substance abuse. The 21-year-old singer reportedly blames Bieber for her supposed addictions and says he was a bad influence.

Justin’s laughing off those claims, saying Selena has no one to blame for her problems but herself, TMZ reports. Sources connected to J-Biebs say he and his friends can’t believe she’s pointing the finger at them when she’s always drunk. Bieber reportedly acknowledges he gets drunk rather frequently, but says that whenever the two partied together, Selena was trying to outdo him, drinking and smoking as much or more than he was.

According to TMZ’s sources, it’s Selena’s parents who are really blaming Justin – because they can’t stand him. He reportedly believes they’re fueling Selena’s fire and using him as a scapegoat in the situation.

We’re not sure how much of that we believe, but you decide – do you think Selena has a substance abuse problem and Justin’s to blame?


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