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Ukrainian police have issued an arrest warrant for President Viktor Yanukovich, who fled the country on Friday. With many political protestors getting killed by presidential law enforcement and government groups, police have issued a warrant for mass murder. An interim president was put in his place over the weekend, while Yanukovich flew out of Kiev by helicopter. While protests continue in Independence Square, over 80 people have been killed. Read more about the Ukraine conflict here. [NY Times]

A bill that bans homosexuality has been signed into law today by Ugandan President Yoweri Museven. Before the bill, acts deemed ‘homosexual’ were already immediately criminal and individuals were sentenced to 14 years to life in prison. Now, the law makes it official. Today, homosexuality is banned in 38 African countries. [CNN]

Three years after attempting to fill Larry King’s coveted news slot, Piers Morgan will end his show with CNN in March. Audiences were not fond of Morgan’s critical opinion of America and as time went on, ratings fell drastically. While the host believes that the show has run its course, he’s hoping to be used in another outlet on the network. [NY Times] 

So this happened. Prosecutors have dropped all charges in the case of 30-year-old Marcus Jeter who was falsely arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. The Bloomfield police hid evidence that proved that the New Jersey resident wasn’t resisting arrest as he was pulled over on the Garden State Parkway in 2012. In the video, Jeter has his hands up while he was hit repeatedly in the face and assaulted by the police. Watch the disturbing video here…[Daily Mail]