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Hipsters. Is there an uglier word in the English language?

Well, yes, there is. But it’s striking how many people truly dislike hipsters. The latest person to spit venom at the group is hall-of-fame director Spike Lee. The legendary Brooklynite went on quite the rant about gentrification and hipsters taking over his hometown borough. (This is not a new fight for Mr. Lee: remember the hipster in Do the Right Thing?).

Most of the staff at GlobalGrind are native New Yorkers, so we see the gentrification of New York City neighborhoods firsthand (most notably in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Harlem, Manhattan).

So what kind of neighborhood do you live in? We’re here to help you out.

For NYC heads only: here are some clues to know if you’re living in a completely gentrified, hipster neighborhood.

You hear loud, really ratchet trap Atlanta rap coming out of folks’ windows.

The cheese selection around your way is outstanding. (Wait, how much is a pound of Gorau Glas?)

You hear complaints from hipsters about the hipsters moving into the neighborhood.

Chinese restaurants are fucking strange, man.

Dogs out number people almost five to one.

You have no idea what the snacks in the bodega are.

You wanna be involved with the Citibike program, but there’s never any bikes in the stand. 🙁

You rarely see people wearing plaid. Only when you open your eyes.

Beanie hats in the summer.

Coffee shops are packed on a Tuesday, at like 2:30 pm.

Speaking of coffee shops: a small latte is like a week’s rent.

You Live Near The L Train.

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