Bad news for hipsters, their pita chips and their love for Trader Joe’s hummus. Seven tons of the stuff (including dips with hummus as an ingredient) have been recalled nationwide from the popular food store due to listeria fears. Massachusetts-based food manufacturer Hot Mama’s Foods announced that it has voluntarily pulled several dip products from store […]

Hipsters. Is there an uglier word in the English language? Well, yes, there is. But it’s striking how many people truly dislike hipsters. The latest person to spit venom at the group is hall-of-fame director Spike Lee. The legendary Brooklynite went on quite the rant about gentrification and hipsters taking over his hometown borough. (This is not […]

Hipsters are everywhere, and according to the plaid-wearing, American Apparel-sporting, thrift store-shopping, everything in life is ironic sub-culture, “you ain’t never there.” After a few studies, we now know that one third of Americans think hipsters are annoying, but hipsters have super powers beyond our control. Not only have they systematically taken over much of […]

Everyone hates hipsters — even hipsters themselves! — but the truth is, we need hipsters. You see, hipsters basically run every cool industry out there, from fashion to magazines.  It is what it is.  PHOTOS: NIKE AIR BACK! Jordan Brand Brings The Nike Air Back To The 2013Air Jordan III  2013 is going to be an […]