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Hipsters are everywhere, and according to the plaid-wearing, American Apparel-sporting, thrift store-shopping, everything in life is ironic sub-culture, “you ain’t never there.”

After a few studies, we now know that one third of Americans think hipsters are annoying, but hipsters have super powers beyond our control.

Not only have they systematically taken over much of Brooklyn’s culturally rich neighborhoods, but they’ve also been dictating what’s hot and what’s not in popular culture.

According to Public Policy Polling, most hipsters voted Justin Bieber as the most unpopular modern singer (although he’s annoying, “most unpopular” is a little much). Hipsters are also diving deep into the world of hip-hop and with summer coming to a close, the hipster community ensured that the same 10 to 15 rappers were at every music festival with their vintage tees waving in the summer breeze.

So we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up 19 rappers that ALL hipsters like, love, and idolize. From Detroit rapper Danny Brown to hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang, hipsters love every rapper that seems to be “different” – whether it’s his or her appearance, flow, or turbulent life story.

If you’d drop everything and suffer hours at a grueling summer festival to see at least half of these rappers below, then you’re probably a hipster…

Danny Brown

Hipster Appeal: Danny Brown’s unusual voice, love for AraabMuzik’s bass heavy productions, missing tooth, and untamed hair are like hipster kryptonite.

Action Bronson

Hipster Appeal: Action’s a white rapper who can flow, he’s fat, he sort of sounds like Ghostface Killah (hipsters love Wu-Tang), and he makes songs titled “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.” Hipsters love jeeps.

A$AP Rocky & The A$AP Mob

Hipster Appeal: Hipsters love hip-hop collectives, especially fashionable ones.

Travi$ Scott

Hipster Appeal: Travi$ Scott is slightly socially awkward and he’s worked with Kanye and Jay Z.

Kid Cudi

Hipster Appeal: Kid Cudi is a rapper who raps about hipster problems. He also happens to be one of the most relatable rappers in the game. Haven’t we all wished we could escape to the moon?

Waka Flocka

Hipster Appeal: Waka Flocka is charismatic, he yells, and shakes them dreads like no hipster’s business. Waka also considers himself to be a “rock-star hipster,” which he likes to refer to as a “Flockster.”

Azealia Banks

Hipster Appeal: Harlem femcee Azealia Banks is a self-proclaimed “hipster hater,” but hipsters are the ones who made her famous. She should probably thank them.


Hipster Appeal: M.I.A. is political, controversial, and she thinks the American government is out to sabotage her career (she was once on the terrorist watch list), but what makes her most hipster is her anti-capitalist antics landed her at the altar with a billionaire heir. No matter what she says, M.I.A. is the prime example of “Hipster bitches that shop at Lenox.”

Kanye West

Hipster Appeal: Everyone loves Kanye, well, everyone except middle-aged women and Taylor Swift fans. Kanye says what he feels and lashes out at the mainstream media, which is so appealing to the free speech-loving hipster.

Lil B

Hipster Appeal: Still don’t understand why hipsters love Lil B. We don’t really know why anyone loves Lil B, but we’re assuming his deliberate weirdness has much to do with his hipster appeal.

Odd Future

Hipster Appeal: Chant “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school” three times in a row and that’s all a hipster needs to hear.

Chance The Rapper

Hipster Appeal: Although hipsters are feeling the overall Chicago hip-hop renaissance, Chance The Rapper’s music seems most appealing. It may be his unusual cartoony voice and his affinity to sing or do that weird yelling stuff on his Acid Rain mixtape.

Kendrick Lamar & The TDE Family

Hipster Appeal: Although some hipsters will say “Kendrick’s overrated..but ScHoolBoy Q is cool,” they all secretly love his music. His ability to successfully pull off a conceptual hip-hop album is all the ammunition a hipster needs to love and hate Kendrick Lamar at the same damn time.

Killer Mike

Hipster Appeal: Hipsters love Killer Mike for two reasons: he’s considered “underground” and he raps about racism – a lot.

Mac Miller

Hipster Appeal: He’s a white boy that can rap, and he’s soulful, which is feeding into the hipsters’ newfound love of unconventional R&B music.

Kid Sister

Hipster Appeal: Not only was Kid Sister A-Trak’s rapping girlfriend (maybe still is), but she was different. Equipped with long ghetto chic nails and a cute rapping voice, hipsters hopped on this bandwagon like hot cakes. Too bad her hipster appeal never rose to mainstream stardom.


Hipster Appeal: “Same Love,” “Thrift Shop,” and “Can’t Hold Us” are three song titles every hipster dreams about. Rapping about thrifting, marriage equality, and chasing your dreams is all a hipster needs to hear.

Chiddy Bang

Hipster Appeal: Where’s the best place to launch your rap career? College, obviously. That’s where Chiddy Bang met, and hipsters love it.

Childish Gambino

Hipster Appeal: Actor turned rapper? Smells like some ish a hipster would love. Not to mention Childish Gambino, aka Daniel Glover, appeared on the hipster hit/HBO series GIRLS. Childish Gambino and his Nike Cortez’s are hipster fo’life.