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Chris Brown is ready to get back to work.

After being in rehab for 90 days due to a Court order, our boy Breezy is finally getting back to the music, and this time around it looks like he’ll be in the Director’s chair.

The 24-year-old singer posted a new selfie to his Instagram page and though the picture is simple, it ironically shows a super focused (and calm) Chris looking ahead at what’s to come.

Chris captioned the photo that he shared with followers:

Directing today.

Could this have anything to do with his upcoming album X, set to hit shelves on May 5th?

Breezy needs to get some work in while he can because unfortunately he’ll be heading back to rehab soon, as he has to do another 2 months until his D.C. assault trial starts in April.

We just found out this week that Chris has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, insomnia, and PTSD, so being in a treatment center surrounded by positive people who can help him get better is a positive thing.

Are you excited for the Breezy comeback?


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