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Tat, tat, tatted up!

Justin Bieber has become a huge fan of tattoos, as he’s gotten at least 20 in the past couple of years and is still adding to his collection.

Banksy recently posted a photo of the Biebs’ new tat, and its reminiscent of the famous graffiti artist’s “Balloon Girl” masterpiece.

The heart-shaped balloon that is part of Banksy’s original artwork is not photo’d, but we can only guess that it is further up on his forearm.

Ariana Grande recently satisfied her need for new ink too, as she got a new tat on the back of her neck, done by tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.

We can’t quite see what it says, but it looked beautiful when Ariana showed off the results. As the 20-year-old superstar swept the hair off of the nape of her neck in the final photo, we fell in love with its placement.

The tattoo craze doesn’t end there, however.

A little more bizarre than her colleagues, Miley Cyrus recently showed off a tattoo she got on her bottom lip.

The tat is of a sad kitty, which is part of over 20 other tattoos that Miley is said to have on her body. She’s giving Bieber a run for his money!

That one has got to hurt!


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