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You win some, you lose some.

As we reported yesterday, Kanye West has been sentenced to anger management, 250 hours of community service, two years probation, and one day in a county jail after he pled “no contest” to charges of assault against a paparazzo in July of last year.

While he definitely took a loss in that case, he may just win big in his case against YouTube’s co-founder, Chad Hurley, who ‘Ye and Kim have accused of breaching a confidentiality agreement after he released footage of their engagement online.

According to TMZ, Hurley’s motion to dismiss the case has been denied and the judge feels there’s absolutely no way he didn’t realize he was signing a confidentiality agreement. The site reports:

Chad Hurley — who co-founded YouTube — claimed when he videotaped the proposal at AT&T Park in San Fran and later released it on his website MixBit … he had no idea he had signed a confidentiality agreement.

The case was in court Tuesday — Hurley was trying to get it dismissed — but the judge scoffed at him, saying the entire document Hurley signed was 1 page and at the top the words CONFIDENTIALITY could not possibly be missed.

According to the site, the judge said, “that Hurley could be liable for fraud, which opens the door to punitive damages… which theoretically could mean millions of dollars.”

In other KimYe wins of the week, Kim recently revealed that she started to “gain some weight back” after she ditched her post-pregnancy Atkins Diet. She said in a Mobio Insider Q&A Monday that she noticed her weight fluctuating:

“I saw pics of myself,” she said, so she “started it [Atkins Diet] again…had to check myself.”

She also revealed her current routine and the importance of dieting in her life:

 “I work out 5 times a week [and] try to eat as healthy as possible.

Kim continued:

“See, I believe in diets or I will eat anything… When I really need to kick it up, then I’ll do low carbs, like Atkins diet. And then I think it’s just trying to stay consistent, changing the way you eat. Especially after having a baby, it’s really hard. Your body totally changes. And I think you have to work out.”

Keep it up Kim. Whatever you’re doing is working… obviously.


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