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Just a couple of days after the new year began, Ludacris’ life was turned upside down by an “on break baby,” a term he and NBA baller Dwyane Wade helped coin after both superstars had babies while on break from their girlfriendsEudoxie and Gabrielle Union, respectively.

Fortunately, both couples worked things out and stayed together. But Ludacris’ situation grew messier by the minute after the ATLian accused his new baby mama of trying to extort him, and she responded by claiming Ludracris’ claims were, well, ludicrous.

A few months later, the craziness has died down and apparently, Eudoxie is trying to begin a “new chapter” with her man, but still has to deal with the backlash of his sex life.

She posted the above photo via Instagram, with the caption:

I can’t wait for this new chapter of seeing your face every morning. Count down begins now!!!! #nomorephonesex #nomorebreakingbackforsexypics #sorryTMI

Is it just us or does it sound like Miss Thing and her man are moving in together?

Earlier on in the week, she gushed about “living the Miami life” and posted a pic of her new home, praising its interior decorators for such an “awesome job” on the condo.

Unfortunately, things got a lot less blissful when a fan tried to come for Eudoxie via the comment section under her “new chapter” post. Peep how it all went down below:

Good for Eudoxie for sticking up for her relationship, regardless of the nasty comments.


Ludacris & Eudoxie’s Love Over The Years
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