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Kim Kardashian put on her red dress to step out for dinner at Crustaceans in Beverly Hills last night and her dress was so sexy, the paparazzi ran over the valet podium trying to catch a glimpse.

Kim may have had something to prove in her skintight ensemble, because according to an exclusive report from Us Weekly, the reality star bumped into her ex Reggie Bush and his fiancée, 26-year-old dancer Lilit Avagyan, while grabbing breakfast on Monday morning.

Kim stopped into Ed’s Coffee Shop to order an omelette, the insider tells Us. But when she walked into the small restaurant, she noticed the NFL player and 26-year-old dancer Avagyan. A source says, “It seemed uncomfortable.”

It didn’t break Kim’s spirit though. She is about to get married to Kanye West after all – and her Instagram is still popping:

With a beautiful baby, a hot new bod and Yeezus on her arm, Kim is doing just fine after Reggie.

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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