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On Thursday, four Australian military search planes were dispatched to determine whether two large bobbing objects in a remote part of the Indian Ocean were possible debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

Unfortunately, the Australian search and rescue team assigned to inspect the site came up empty-handed. According to AMSA News, the Royal Australian Air Force P3 crew were unable to locate debris because cloud and rain limited visibility. A short while later, they called off the search for the day.

John Young of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority cautioned Thursday against expectations that the images (seen above) may help solve the mystery of Flight MH370.

Young told reporters, “We have been in this business of doing search and rescue and using sat images before and they do not always turn out to be related to the search even if they look good, so we will hold our views on that until they are sited close-up.”

Young said visibility was poor and may hamper efforts to find the objects. He said they “are relatively indistinct on the imagery … but those who are experts indicate they are credible sightings. The indication to me is of objects that are a reasonable size and probably awash with water, moving up and down over the surface.”

As this is an active investigation, we’ll keep you updated with new developments as they come in. For more on missing Flight MH370, click here.